New Sites Take on Probation System Reform through Grants Awarded by the State Justice Institute

The RFK National Resource Center is pleased to announce that the State Justice Institute has awarded grants to Davidson County, Tennessee; Fairfax County, Virginia; and, Lancaster County, Nebraska to partner with us to conduct Probation System Reviews using the seminal framework detailed in the Probation System Review Guidebook, 2nd Edition (Harp and Tuell, 2016). The State Justice Institute has previously supported this important work in three jurisdictions in the state of Arkansas and recognizes the positive outcomes and system performance impact these jurisdictions can have by aligning best practices in their probation and juvenile justice system through this review process. The remarkable leadership and dedicated staff in each of these three jurisdictions have made these opportunities possible. The RFK National Resource Center applauds the State Justice Institute, specifically Jonathan Mattiello, Executive Director, and their Board of Directors for demonstrating such a strong commitment to the improvement of the lives of youth involved in the probation and juvenile justice systems in these states. The partnership work is set to launch in May 2017.

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