The work and expertise of the Robert F. Kennedy National Resource Center for Juvenile Justice is further informed by two “Practice Networks”:

♦  Dual Status Youth Practice Network (Roster)

♦  Probation System Reform Practice Network (Roster)

The formation of these Practice Networks provides the opportunity to develop leadership, enhance models, and develop additional resources, tools and guidance to accelerate systems improvement nationwide in Dual Status Youth and Probation System Reform initiatives.

The RFK National Resource Center has brought together experienced leaders and practitioners from across the country who have championed reform within their local jurisdictions in these critical areas of work. The Practice Networks are guided by the following set of objectives and supporting activities:

  • Foster the development & exchange of innovative practices and reforms
  • Create an active and expanding cross-site learning environment and shared learning collaborative
  • Develop / implement innovative new strategies and solutions to challenges
  • Provide national leadership on the targeted issue
  • Contribute to the current scholarship and literature available to the field to support replication of good practice and policy
  • Serve as peer mentors to the field

The RFK National Resource Center’s consultation and technical assistance history has consistently reflected the need for (1) improved attention to effective use of validated risk and screening tools and methodologies; (2) enhanced data collection, management and performance measurement of system and program activities; and (3) more effective engagement of schools and appropriate educational personnel in the development of comprehensive intervention and service plans in these primary areas of reform. Therefore, the Practice Networks include partnerships and support from the following organizations and experts:

Thomas Grisso, Ph.D.
National Youth Screening and Assessment Partners, LLC

Lisa Jacobs
Consultant, Center for Criminal Justice Research, Policy & Practice, Loyola University Chicago

Leigh G. Mahoney
Director of National Education and Program Development, Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps

John (Mick) Moore, Ph.D.
Consultant, Education and Workforce Solutions

Keith Snyder
Consultant, RFK National Resource Center for Juvenile Justice

Gina Vincent, Ph.D.
National Youth Screening and Assessment Partners, LLC

The Dual Status Youth and the Probation System Reform Practice Networks are active in the development of articles, opinion-editorials, innovation and knowledge briefs, and distance learning opportunities (webinars, workshop sessions, etc.) and serve as advisors for symposium planning.