Probation System Review Training

The RFK National Resource Center for Juvenile Justice has pioneered an analytic approach that can be used in partnership with state and local jurisdictions to enhance probation department and juvenile justice system performance. This approach is detailed in our Probation System Review Guidebook, 2nd edition and forms the basis for the Probation System Reform Training. This 1.5 day training provides an opportunity for the leaders of your state or local system to learn about the key areas of probation system practice and policy that must be examined and aligned with national best practices in order to achieve optimal youth and system outcomes.

Juvenile justice leadership groups, Probation System Review Teams, juvenile justice stakeholders.

The goals for this training are to:

  1. Encourage stakeholders within the probation system to examine whether optimal youth and system outcomes are being achieved through current practices and policies.
  2. Build collaborative support to examine the current system and embrace best practices throughout the continuum of a youth’s journey within the juvenile justice system.
  3. Expedite the acceptance and implementation of best practices.

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the four key elements of an effective review of their probation system.
  2. Understand the array of methodologies, tools and resources available to support their examination process.
  3. Identify their unique priority areas of focus which call for further examination and analysis.
  4. Recognize their individual and collective opportunities and roles in advancing these best practices.
  5. Identify action steps for the conduct of the elements of a probation system review.

For more information about this training program and pricing, please contact Kari Harp, Program Director, at

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