Multi-System Information & Data Sharing Training

In most communities, juvenile justice and child welfare systems each collect and maintain separate information and data on the same youth and families. Legal, technological, and ethical considerations challenge systems seeking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of practices and programs through the sharing of relevant information. This two day training provides guidance on addressing information sharing issues related to multi-system juvenile justice reform efforts, including the sharing of information for purposes of policy and program development, program evaluation, and individual case planning and management.

Juvenile justice and child welfare leadership groups, multi-system coalitions, practitioners and stakeholders involved in dual status youth practice, including attorneys (defenders, prosecutors, agency counsel) and judges.

The goals for this training are to:

  1. Challenge persistent myths and assumptions that information sharing is not possible between youth and family serving systems.
  2. Promote discussion regarding the risks and benefits of information sharing between youth and family serving systems.
  3. Educate leaders and practitioners about information sharing law and policy and to begin the development of an informed plan for balancing valid information sharing needs with the rights of individuals.

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the purpose and principles of information sharing.
  2. Develop unique and specific information sharing goals.
  3. Understand the array of methodologies, tools and resources available to support the examination of information sharing issues and development of strategies to facilitate appropriate information sharing.
  4. Articulate basic federal information sharing permissions and prohibitions and steps for identifying and analyzing state and local legal parameters as well.
  5. Develop an information sharing work plan.

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